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    I call this the beating heart and my very own recipe beets, lemons 🍋 oranges 🍊 pineapple 🍍 ginger, carrots 🥕 this is nutritious and it’s anti-inflammatory great for bp, heart disease asthma and obesity due to the contents of betalains in the beets.
    Relives arthritis pain due to the pineapple and it’s a great post work out recovery as well.
    This beating heartbeat is also contains nutrients which may help protect your cells from damage and prevent conditions like cancer and heart disease and eyes health due to the carrots that are also added into this nutritious juice. In addition this beating heart beat also increases your serotonin and dopamine level due to due to the ginger in it and last but not least, this beating heart beat is packed with Vitamin C which helps your body make collagen for your skin and helps your body absorb iron and aids your immune system due to the lemon I used. Blessings in abundance ☮️❤️💡KOKO stay tuned for my video ‏ — feeling blessed
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