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    Hi, sorry for not posting, everything’s been a bit bonkers - a bit more about that later!
    The Sun ingressed into Leo on Saturday and therefore the New Moon tonight (18:56 BST) is in this wonderful (high road!!) sign - Leo’s ruler is the Sun ​​🌞​🦁​
    I’ve had a look into the New Moon chart for those of us on the BST/GMT+1 longitude, or thereabouts. Where we are in the World affects the chart of the moment, for instance the New Moon chart in Palestine has Pisces rising, which obviously changes the focus and areas of life affected.
    Focusing on our ‘local’ chart though, Leo holds the Sun/Moon conjunction which therefore highlights celebration, expression (Mercury is also in Leo), and taking pride in our accomplishments - time to launch a creative project perhaps? The New Moon heralds the start of a new four week cycle, so we can set positive intentions for this period, this evening. Some people set an altar, others use light (candles/fire), drumming, song, a ‘dark’ swim… whatever feels right for you.
    On the ‘local’ population perspective (which this chart reflects - to see personal effects, via transits, compare this chart to your natal chart) the Mc (work being done) in Scorpio is squared by the New Moon which, looking at what’s going on in the UK at least, could trigger a further release of toxicity whether politically, psychologically, or both… putting it ‘out there’ 🤔​ Jupiter is expanding this from Aries' fiery perspective (loosely trine the conjunction), so it might be quite a show...?
    Mercury in Leo squares both Uranus and NN in Taurus which could be another side to this too - maybe to do with the planet/environment, especially with Chiron (the Wounded Healer) support from Aries. Another ‘major’ focus could be Neptune squaring the Asc - this may highlight the irrational side of Sagittarius for all to see…
    On a personal note, there’s a lot being triggered in my natal chart - mostly trines (supportive), but Jupiter grinding to a halt and then turning retrograde just over a degree each between my Saturn and Part of Fortune in Aries feels a little ominous ​(the effects have already started) 😳 Saturn is almost opposite my natal Jupiter too… ​If you’d like a couple of pointers relating to your own chart, you’re welcome to post it here or, if you prefer, I can set up a private group and establish confidentiality…
    Wishing everyone a positive new cycle - I am sure it’s going to be an interesting one anyway ​​💫​😉​
    (Image from Pixabay, screenshot from astro.com)
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