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Vegans are not just about what they eat! Veganism is a way of life and an ethical choice. Vegans love animals and people and care passionately about the earth and our future on it.

What is special about twigit?

Twigit is subscription based, meaning that your small monthly payment allows for a safe environment with no tracking of your activity by large corporations. Help us to build a community of like minded people driven not by advertising profit but by dedication to the vegan cause.


Mother Earth sustains all life. She breathes and feels and all her inhabitants are interconnected. Because of human choices, every day many species of plants and animals disappear forever. Use twigit to discuss and inspire action to support our earth


All of us question why we are here. We are motivated to understand and contribute. Spirituality and self development have moved beyond religion and philosophy to become a field of interest for vegans everywhere. Share your insights!


The plant-based diet enhances the health of our minds and bodies like no other. The vegan diet supports our bodies' powerful healing ability. Many athletes have found that veganism improves their performance and inspires their spirit.

Share you recipes and health stories with twigit community.


Creativity can be an amazing tool for change. Share your favourite music, books, films visual art, theatre, dance and more. Let’s support each other in discovering our artists' journey to create the culture of veganism and make the world a better place!


Let’s face it, as any lover of travel knows, veganism is not mainstream yet. Finding vegan adventures accommodation and restaurants can be a challenge. Share all that you have found on your journeys to make life easier for other vegan travellers. Discover other vegan’s hidden travel gems.


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